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Upholstered Beds

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The cosiness, warmth and quiet comfort of a bedroom is elevated when there’s a sturdy headboard to support your back. If you frequently enjoy staying up in bed at night, then an upholstered bed will be ideal for you. More than the aesthetic appeal, it’s the functional benefit of headboards that makes it a must-have accessory in your bedroom. The solid support and back-relief provided by an upholstered bed design are unmatched in every way. The design of an upholstered bed ensures that you can spend hours cooped up in your bed watching TV or reading a book without any back issues whatsoever. If you love having extra storage space, then an upholstered storage bed can maximise storage in your bedroom space. Bed headboard designs can vary based on size, materials, patterns, and colours that complement your home’s overarching décor theme.

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