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Wall Mounted TV Unit

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Only when a sleek TV is coupled with a modish TV wall unit, does it become an essential decor element that your house cannot do without. That’s why picking the right wall mount TV stand is a task of vital importance. A well-chosen wall mounted TV unit lets your sleek machine showcase rare paintings or photographs when sitting idle and enriches your entertainment experience the rest of the time. Furthermore, this TV wall cabinet also hides the unsightly cable clutter that a simple mounting can never manage to do. So select the right furniture, get it installed, sit back, relax and enjoy!

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If there's nothing as relaxing as catching up on your favorite shows or if the one thing that gets the whole family together is movie nights, then you know how important the TV is in your day-to-day lives. Therefore it’s important that the TV is protected in the best way possible and that's where a wall mounted TV unit comes in handy. Sleek and functional, this storage device is especially useful if you would like to conserve floor space. With adjustable features allowing you to place the TV showcase at the correct height and eye level, this TV unit makes sure your viewing experience is always comfortable.

Additionally, the wall mounted TV unit design can come with shelves to display a home entertainment system as well as drawers and cabinets to stow away miscellaneous items like candles, books, and more. But if you prefer something without all the frills, a floating TV unit with a shelf for your set-top box and a minimal cable management system is the way to go.

Shop for a wall mounted TV unit online to choose from a variety of designs, from large swivel units to more compact styles. And at Urban Ladder, you can get the top-notch tv units at the most affordable wall mounted tv price. 

Choosing the Right TV Wall Cabinet

Decided to finally go with a gorgeous TV wall cabinet rather than mounting your flat screen directly on the wall ? Good decision. Whether you go with an enclosed TV wall cabinet or an open one, its design would do complete justice to your glossy screen. But to ensure these cabinets fulfil your needs while complementing the design of your sofas, you need to think about a few considerations beforehand.

  • TV Size :

    It is always better to have a wall mounted LED TV cabinet that is the same size as your TV or larger than it. This way, the TV fits right in and gets the sturdy support for all its related gadgets like the speakers, remotes, wires etc.
    Having said that, read carefully through the company guidelines of the selected wall mounted TV cabinet for its precise size information.
  • Room Layout:

    Plan beforehand where your new wall hanging tv cabinet would go. Even though it is the most adaptable furniture piece, it needs to be bought only after considering the size and style of the home’s other furniture. Otherwise, your tv cabinet for corner wall might look out of place.
  • Lifestyle:

    After deciding upon the decor aspect of your furniture, you also need to see if the selected wall TV cabinet meets your family’s requirements or not. If you have children, do not go for cabinets with glass door and make sure to choose a concealed TV wall cabinet to minimise everyday cleaning hassles.

The Amazing Benefits Of Wall Mounted TV Units

  • Space-saving and adjustable: If you have a smaller living room without the space for a full-fledged TV stand, a wall mounted TV stand is a space-efficient design to invest in.  You can also free up space for extra seating or more decor and make your living room even more enticing. This is also the perfect option for a bedroom unit, as it can be adjusted to just the right height to be able to watch TV from the comfort of your bed.
  • Budget-friendly: As a floating TV unit is often simpler in design, you can expect the prices to be more budget-friendly.
  • Sleek and modern- If you like your space to be decluttered and minimal, the wall mounted TV unit is sure to be appealing.
  • Safe and durable- If you’re constantly worried about children or pets accidentally knocking the TV over or having access to hazardous cables, the wall hanging tv stand can abate those fears.

Explore other TV storage options for your living room, bedroom, or lounge including a TV Cupboard to create a more comprehensive outlook. And if wall mounted TV Units are not your style, find yourself an elegant TV Stand from the extensive collection on Urban Ladder.

Why Choose Urban Ladder For Your Furnishing Needs?

We at Urban Ladder strive to provide practical yet stylish furnishing solutions for every corner of the home. From dressers for the bedroom to metal chairs for the patio, Urban Ladder has a wide range of furniture specially designed for the modern Indian home. From bohemian styles to minimal designs, we have something for everyone's aesthetic preferences. And our commitment to quality is showcased in our curated range of top-notch products that are sure to last you for ages.

And once you’ve placed your order,  our efficient personnel will deliver your purchases right to your doorstep. And if you have any queries regarding the furniture, feel free to direct them to our around-the-clock customer service team who will patiently go through them all.


  • What are the different types of wall mounted TV units?

    Wall mounted TV units can differ based on the storage type and quality of wood. In terms of storage, wall-mounted TV units can be either open or closed. As far as wood quality is concerned, it can either use hardwoods such as mahogany and teak or use softwoods and engineered wood.
  • What is the best viewing angle of a wall mounted TV?

    The best viewing angle entirely depends on the convenience of the customer and the preferred seating height. Urban Ladder’s Iwaki TV units come with a swivel mechanism that allows the TV to be adjusted to any angle.
  • What are the different sizes of wall mounted TV units?

    For standard TV sizes, wall units that are compact and medium-sized works well. However, floor standing units are larger when compared with regular wall-mounted units.
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