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Memory and Performance Optimization for Android Application

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In an e-commerce android application, product images are super critical to drive higher engagement and sales. At Urban Ladder, we focus a lot on the quality of visualsshown to consumers. So, how are these images downloaded and managed in the app?...

Powering Microsoft Dynamics NAV  2013 on AWS ­ 2

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In the earlier article we explored active directory solutions and twotier architecture for Dynamics NAV 2013 on AWS. In this article we will be exploring High Availability SQL setup on EC2 for a production Dynamics NAV implementation.

SQL Server...

Powering Microsoft Dynamics NAV  2013 on AWS ­ - 1

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DynamicsNAVisoneofthewidelyusedsolutionsforwarehouseandinventorymanagementby firmsacrossvarioussectors.Giventhefeaturesetandeaseofadoption,thisisoneofthe favoritesofSMEs.WedecidedtomovefromUniwaretoDynamicsNAVinmid2015. Traditionally,NAVishosted...

Defining your service boundaries

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In a growing organization where things change rapidly with a new problem to solve everyday, it becomes important as a technology implementer to keep design very clean and extensible and more important to maintain that as you add new features....

Product lessons: Punit Soni

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‘Design dialogues’ at Urban Laddercelebrates creativity and innovation. An initiative to keep all aspects of the visual culture, be it design, technology, art, branding etc. these sessions are knowledge sharing sessions, keeping the spirit of...

Meaningful innovation

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Hackathons are proving grounds to harvest new ideas, stimulate creativity and trigger the problem-solving skills of individuals. For a growing organisation like ours, ideas are our lifeblood. We nurture, develop and share them with a world that...