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Ode to the Odessa

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For most of us, our bedroom is our safe haven, the place we finally relax in after a long, strenuous day. Yet, once we’ve plonked down on our comfy beds, we might still be irked by certain (first-world) bedroom woes. Have the below bothered you?


The Indian Home in 2016

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Home decor trends in 2016 and predictions for 2017

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Urban Ladder takes customers through a nostalgic journey home with the launch of ‘The Malabar Range’

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UrbanLadder, a leading brand in the home furnishing space today announced the launch of an exclusive in-house furniture collection, ‘The Malabar Range’. The collection was launched through a unique storytelling session hosted by Urban Ladder....


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Setting up a new home isn’t like checking items off a shopping list. Say you found a set of lovely lounge chairs; now what? How do you create a cosy nook for two with them? Or that beautifully...

Apollo Infinity: Where the change you want in your sofa, changes the game!

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Love the sofa but absolutely hate the lack of choice in colours? Or worse, found the perfect design but it’s too huge for your space? Well, the change urban Indian homesteads were waiting for is finally here.

UrbanLadder, India’s largest online...

Anniversary Special: Design Dialogue 3.0

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“Good design is problem solving with its locus on simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency.”- Pradeep James, Head - Design & Development at Urban Ladder

In July 2012, Urban Ladder set out on a mission to make a million homes beautiful. This...

By Hooks and By Looks: Meet Alfred!

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The golden rule of organising says that everything in life has its place. Of course, flawless interiors and impeccable space management communicate one’s design sensibilities noticeably, but with our fast paced lives, not only is setting up a home...

Traditional meets Contemporary: Urban Ladder launches ‘India Modern’ and ‘Happy Ink’

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Yesterday we announced the launch of ourexclusive in-house décor collections, ‘India Modern’ and ‘Happy Ink’. Driven by consumer research and insight, the collection reflects the developing design sensibilities of urban Indian homesteads. With a...

The ubiquitous prayer

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Irrespective of our religious orientation, each one of us pines for a space in the home that is untouched by the happenings around. There’s only one place in the comfort of your home that keeps most of us off the maddening mayhem – the serene...