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Nothing brings dimension to home décor like a lovingly composed set of plates that also enhances the warmth of your dining room. Look online for the perfect collection of dinner plates, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the myriad possibilities you find at Urban Ladder. Choose from our wide range of smart designs and colour themes and discover how you too can highlight that X factor with the right placement of melamine plates at strategic points in your home, especially where you entertain your family and friends.
Remember, we eat with our eyes first. Look out for those beautifully designed serving plates that can wow your guests and help liven up your table at your next family dinner. Our collection of wall plates come in a range of eye-catching themes and designs—Mahbubani, Mughal, scenes from nature, contemporary art, and so on. No matter what plates set you choose, you’re sure to make that lasting impression on every occasion.

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