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TV Shelves

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At present, 8 out of 10 households own a Smart TV. Decades back our television closely resembled a box. A table was mandatory to place it in a position comfortable to watch. Nowadays, our TV screens have become larger and slimmer. We can easily fit it onto the wall. But, that is not so convenient. The prime reason is that if mounted directly without any support, it can damage the wall as well as face the risk of the TV falling off. Secondly, India being an earthquake zone, placing the slim smart TV onto a table or cabinet is risky. Thirdly, the color coordination of the wall with that of the TV screen may not be comfortable to the eye. The best alternative is integrating TV shelves. There are varied TV shelves designs available that you can choose from. The most peeped after and trending is the TV wall mount with shelf design. It gives you space to store your TV components.

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